Domestic Cellar Conversions - Part One

If you have a cellar in your house, our useful series of blogs should give you some conversion ideas

Alterations Inside Your Home - Part Three

Here is the final part of our series of blogs, guiding you through making alterations to the inside of your home.

Alterations Inside Your Home

Sometimes we have big ideas for home that aren't in our budgets. Making internal alterations can be cheaper and make a big difference.

Do you know the age of your house?

Are you interested in the history behind your home? Do you have no idea of it's age?

Add the WOW Factor to Your Home

Fifteen simple tips to make your home feel that bit more special!

How to save your life in a fire!

Fire is one of the most destructive forces in the world, causing untold damage and taking hundreds of lives every year. 

The Top Ten Construction Failures In the World!!

We like to think that because they're built by people with skills and know-how, the bridges we use and the buildings that we occupy are safe. After all, if there was anything dangerous about it, it wouldn't have been approved to be built.....right

Add Space and Value To Your Property

Are you looking at ways to improve your home? Want some advice on the best way to do it?