Do you need an Architectural Consultant, Planning Permission or help with Building Regs? Part 1← Back

Most building projects that you may be considering for your home fall into four main categories, some of which will require planning permission and/or a Party Wall Agreement with your neighbours.

Depending on the type of work being undertaken, all may require Building Regulations approval.

In this new series of blogs, Architectural Consultant, Chris Froggatt, brings you more information on different types of projects and what permissions you might need for each.

This week we look at Remodelling Existing Rooms within your house, such as                              


  - knocking down internal walls
- dividing rooms with partition walls
- installing en-suite bathroom or downstairs cloakroom

Remodelling is often the best solution if you need different living accommodation rather than extra living space.
In normal circumstances, planning permission is not needed for this work. However, the work must comply with the Building Regulations if it involves alterations to the structure of the building or the drainage, for example removing a load-bearing wall.


Do I need an architectural consultant to re-model rooms in my house?
The work involved in providing the required documents for Building Regulations approval makes it worth using an architectural consultant, architectural technologist or building surveyor to undertake the applications.
These consultants can prepare detailed drawings to submit for Building Regulations approval and prepare the correct documentation to enable building contractors to provide quotes for the project.
The consultants can also act as project managers, supervising the build from start to finish.
While these services come at a price, they are worth considering, especially if you will not be around to manage the building work or don't want the hassle of doing so.

What should I do next?
Architectural Building Design Services deal with people on a daily basis who are wanting to get started with a building project on their home but just don't know how to start that large ball rolling.  
The first step is to get in touch with Chris Froggatt of Architectural Building Design Services by either email ( or telephone (07773 899 597).
He will be able to hear your goals and property plans and give you free no obligation guidance into moving forward.  They truly have "the man with the plan"!!