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Renovating your home can be costly so to make it more economical why not look at using architectural details and accents instead. There are simple changes that you can make to make your home to make it look and feel a bit more special. 

1.       Roofing Materials
If properly installed then you can set your home apart from the rest. The use of cedar shakes or slate may need a bit of routine maintenance but they can be as durable as synthetic shingles but give a more dramatic appearance.

2.       Stone, marble & granite
Your choice should define how you feel, who you are and the feeling that you are trying to project. Trend and design evolve and we seem to be shifting from the aesthetic of granite to the functionality of synthetic surfaces.

3.       Exterior Lighting
If you have old, corroded lights- get them replaced! It’s a simple task that needn’t be expensive. Look for fittings that correspond to the décor of your home and exterior design. Create a mood outdoors.

4.       Woodwork
Woodwork and the colour of stain that you use should be chosen wisely depending what feel you want to project. A house framed in high-grade golden-oak will feels secure and cosy. On the other hand a house with mahogany woodwork in dark reddish-brown tones feels strong and secure.

5.       The Doors.
 Front doors should make a statement whilst back doors can be relatively inexpensive. The front door makes a first impression for you and your home so invest in an attractive one.

6.       Corbels, cornices and columns
These are iconic symbols which can be used on the exterior or the interior of your home to make the place seem more elegant.
Picking your spot and disciplining how and where you incorporate them into your design is key.

7.       An Aquarium
Create a feature with a salt-water or fresh-water aquarium built into a wall. It can be a dramatic and natural statement and a gathering point for family and friends.

8.       Skylights
Particularly for homes with a northern exposure, skylights invite natural light into the room and add a nice feature.

9.       Gutters
Repair or replace any dented, bent, drooping or missing guttering as it can lead to problems from water damage and generally shows a lack of maintenance. Pristine gutters are natural accents to many homes.

10.   Vaulted Ceilings
Add a sense of space and grandeur to a living room, den or bedroom and you can define the design and highlight features with further trim options.

11.   Lighting
Clever lighting can be used to create and change a mood of an area from one occasion to another. You can create a space that’s comfortable, professional, cosy or functional all with the use of innovative lighting styles.

12.   Windows
Significant problems can occur with rotting or rusting frames. Any window that appears to be compromised by water should be refurbished, refinished or replaced. An upgrade to a bay window can really make a big difference to your property.

13.   Inlays
Create an accent that sets your hardwood floor apart from ordinary with inlays in the corner. They will bring an elegant richness and warmth to the wood.

14.   Innovative Painting
You can make a room feel more special, fun or sophisticated by adding texture, colour, decals and designs.

15.   Sculptured details
In metal or natural woods. They can make a room feel like fine furniture.
Many of these can be done yourself or you can let the professionals deal with it. It’s the details that matter and they will make a difference to how you feel about your home and it’s appeal if you come to sell it.
For more information about any of these great tips, or to find out how you might be able to use them in your home, have a chat with Chris Froggatt, our highly recommended, award winning architectural design services expert!