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Probably the biggest headache you're going to face if you're planning major changes to your home is getting the planning approval you need to turn your dreams into reality.
We've all got ideas for how we want our dream home to look, but the obstacles in the way are seemingly endless, from the design itself to overlooking neighbours, environmental concerns and even the effect on nature and wildlife!

With almost no end in sight for the problems in the housing market, many home-owners in Heanor and Ripley are turning to home improvements as the only way to upgrade their home, or increase the value of their assets, but can you afford the extra time and cost of having your plans refused by the council?

In no time at all your Grand Design can turn into what feels like an insurmountable problem, putting all of your dreams in jeopardy!

Chris Froggatt, of Architectural Building Design Services is the perfect remedy for this planning headache!

Chris has many years' experience of working with Amber Valley Borough Council. He has an impressive track record of getting plans passed, a record which he puts down to his great understanding of planning regulations, and to good relationships with the planning team.

Chris says, "When working with any client, I take the time to really listen to them, and design what they want, but I also make sure they are realistic in what they can achieve. We do the work up front to make sure that the plans aren't returned for modification or even rejected outright! Often the client will want something that I know, from experience, won't be accepted. In these cases, I'll work with them to find different ways of designing their vision in a way that I know the planning board will accept. "

Chris is so confident of his ability that he is currently offering No Win No Fee on all planning applications - if your plans aren't approved you won't pay a penny - now that's a fantastic guarantee! 

So to give your project the best opportunity of going ahead, make sure you talk to Chris before choosing your architect.