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Renovating your property makes a lot of sense when you consider that the alternative option of moving house can typically cost £20,000 or more wasted on fees and taxes, money that could be spent transforming your present home. But there is a potential downside.
Embarking on major works like taking down walls and refitting kitchens and bathrooms can go horribly wrong if they're not planned properly.

Planning ahead
Whatever type of project you are considering, the key to success is thinking it through in advance - checking whether the proposed works will require Planning or Building Regulation consent, finding a good builder and, crucially, drawing up a realistic budget. Time spent at this stage can save a huge amount of heartache and expense further down the line. After all, it's a lot easier to move a wall on the drawing and then it is later on site!

Minimising disturbance
Some improvements, such as insulating the loft, cause little or no upheaval and can be done whenever the fancy takes you. Other projects, like decorating or refitting a bathroom can be done on a room by room basis. But anything that is likely to generate lots of dust, mess and noise, such as sanding, and drilling or taking down ceilings, will need careful planning.
Trying to totally refurbish the whole building whilst remaining in occupation isn't normally advisable. The ideal scenario is whilst your buying a house to "do up" have the luxury of living elsewhere for a few weeks.
Major works can often be "piggybacked "on any improvements that were due to be carried out anyway, helping to share the cost and minimise disruption. So, for example, when you’re next planning to redecorate, it can make sense to carry out wall insulation at the same time.

This is just the first in my 3-part series of advice for you if you're planning to make changes to your home, or any other building.

Check back next week for the next part, where we talk about budgeting and costs - very important stuff!

In the meantime, if you want to have a chat about your project to see if I can help, just get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.