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So you are looking at making amendments to your property but are working to a budget and want to achieve the most for the less required actions? 

Permitted Development Rights allow you the opportunity to make minor changes to your property without the need for Planning Permission. There are rules to stick by so if you are unsure or would like to receive some more information and guidance, then do give us a call for a consultation. Getting it wrong can be costly but if used correctly, you can achieve some great results. 

Here are some ideas to get you going with your plans!

Using Attached Buildings
Provided that you don't increase the overall footprint of the dwelling, it is possible to incorporate an outside building (such as a garage) into your internal space. This is a great
 idea of your garage is full of junk that you haven't touched for years on end. Why have the space going to waste when you could put it to such great use. Maybe you'd like a larger living room, or an office, or a playroom.....the ideas are endless for this type of incorporation. 

Internal Re-Modelling
You will need to follow Building Regulations in terms of structural work and electrical re-routing when you remodel the internal aspect of your property (we can help with this, please contact us) but as long as the footprint of your dwelling remains the same as before, this type of work is covered by PD. Maybe you could better use a hallway or landing in your property or knock down two bedrooms into one. Again their are lots of possibilities but please seek advice (from us, contact us here) before you go ahead and knock down any walls!!


Although alterations to your roof are covered by PD, you need to be cautious with rooflights although it is possible to include them. They must not project 
more than 15cm from the slope of the roof. 
They are not permitted where they extend forward of the roof plane on an elevation fronting a highway or on a dwelling that is situated in an Article 4 Direction Area. Eg Conservation Area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 


If you are clear on your usage when requiring more space, outbuildings can offer a great alternative to extensions and are covered by PD. There are some criteria for this:

  • Must not exceed total curtilage by more than 50%, which takes into consideration any existing extensions but not the area covered by the main property. (Curtilage = area of land attached to a house and forming one enclosure with it) 
  • Must not be forward of the main elevation
  • There are height restrictions depending on the type of roof. 4m for dual pitch, 3m for other roofs and 2.5m when within 2m of the boundary.
  • Must be single-storey only with a maximum eaves height of at 2.5m
Outbuildings that are covered under PD must not be used for residential accommodation/bedooms. The usage must be incidental for example a store or a gym.

Add, Remove or Move Windows

If you decide add, remove or re-locate windows then you can usually carry this out under PD, unless there is some kind of clause in any permission granted previously. It is common now to want larger windows and doors, particularly to the rear elevation, allowing you to bring the outdoors, in. 

You will need to follow Building Regulations so please seek some advice before doing this. 
  • If you live in a listed building, then PD for double-glazing is not allowed and you will need to seek permission. 
  • Bay windows are classed as an extension and therefore not covered.
  • Upper floor windows on the side elevation must be obscured glass (level 4 or 5). They must be fixed in a non-opening frame unless the opener is higher than 1.7m above the floor of the room in which the window is installed.

Although most schemes do not allow for extensions forward of the principal elevation, you are able to build a porch to the front of your property without the need for Planning Permission. You just need to follow these rules:
  • Must not be higher, at any point, than 3m 
  • Must not be within 2m of the boundary adjacent to a highway
  • Ground area (externally), must not exceed 3m2
We always stress to our clients that they shouldn't begin any type of work without seeking professional advice and that is what we are here for.

If you are going to make any type of alterations then please contact us and we will happily offer you guidance to ensure that all goes smoothly.

Keep a look out for more ideas for your property that are covered under Permitted Development.