How To Tell If Your House is Victorian or Georgian in Design?← Back

Maybe you want to know more about the history and past of your home, or about the street or area in which you live? Knowing in which period it was built is a great place to start.


Have a look at the picture above and the lists of clues below to see if you can identify which style your house is...
Clues to a Victorian House:
·         Visible slate roofs
·         Pillars and bargeboards of carved wood
·         Ironwork decoration
·         Big gables
·         Large-paned sash windows
·         Bay windows
·         Stained glass in doorways and windows
·         Lack of symmetry

Clues to a Georgian House:
·         Paired chimneys
·         Parapet round the top, hiding the slope of the roof
·         Smaller windows near the roof
·         Window-panes in multiples of three
·         Simple bands of stonework to contrast with the brick
·         Symmetrical design

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