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It can be fascinating to find out the history behind your home. Many houses have been altered since they were originally built and few retain their original features.

There are some features that can easily confuse us with the age of our property.For example, Victorian windows may have been installed in place of original Georgian ones and the dates inscribed in stone may not be true so we can't take everything at face value. However, discovering the history of your property can provide a great insight to the lives lived by it's owners.

There are many free resources that offer evidence that can help towards aging your home.Look at all of the different aspects carefully.

Here is an idea on places to start your search:

Title Deeds
If you own your house and have a mortgage, Title Deeds are usually held by your mortgage provider or bank. This is usually a great starting point to find out how old your house is but there may be a small charge made to view the documents.

Make a visit to your library or local records office and have a look at old maps. This can lead you to the age of your house. It is even possible to view old maps on-line.

If your neighbours houses are a similar style to yours they may lead to some information. Local roads may even be named after historical figures of the past or local events.


Architectural Styles, Building Techniques and Materials
If a house has been plastered with gypsum or lime, if it has sash or casement windows or whether it has a damp proof course, all of these can offer an indication to the history and age of your house. They all have relevance.

Census Records and Directories
If your house was originally used for business purposes or if someone of local significance lived there, a good place to look could be census records and Kelly's directories, some of which you may find free on line. Otherwise, another trip to your local library may be in order.

We hope that you enjoy finding out about your property. Why not get in touch and let us know what you find? We'd enjoy reading your stories.

And if you are thinking of altering your property, then ABDS can be on hand to help you every step of the way.