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Conservation Area/World Heritage Site Project


Whatstandwell, Derbyshire

For this property we were involved in the design and detailing of a single-storey rear extension. It is situated in a Conservation Area of Whatstandwell and the Dewent Mills World Heritage site buffer zone.

The original dwelling was elevated about 3m above the highway level within a cluster of semi-detached dwellings. The rear gardens were elevated about 3m higher than the ground floor level resulting in a very limited area to build a single storey rear extension.

The Client requested that the extension look modern and be very functional.  It was detrimental that the extension complied with the constraints imposed by the Conservation Area.

The rear extension was built in two formats. The first part was built from stone to match the existing building with a dummy window to the side, providing an in-keeping appearance complimenting the existing stone dwelling.

The second part of the same extension was finished in timber vertical boarding providing a modern look.

Both extensions had an imitation slate roof to match the existing building with the roof slopes containing roof lights allowing plenty of natural light to fill the internal accommodations.  The roof slope was set by the level of the first floor window cills and was set at the minimum roof slope.

All external timber windows and doors complimented the Conservation Area.

Internally, a dining room was formed and a wonderful modern looking kitchen.  Because of the rooflights provided, the internal accommodation was filled with natural light making this project a complete success.