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New Industrial Facilities - Wilton International



Architectural Building Design Services were engaged to be involved in the design and construction of a new logistical facility for a Belgian plastics company in the North East of England,  located inside of a high security power station.

The facility building had a gross floor area of 5000 sq m (53,824 sq ft) and consisted of a 350sq m two storey offices which included staff welfare and shower room facilities.

The warehouse had a height of 20m with an area of 1850sq m.  Insulated overhead sectional vehicle doors were positioned on the perimeter of the building allowing external access.

Adjacent to the warehouse area, thirty large galvanized steel silo towers were grouped together with an overall height of 46m.  These silos were to store the plastic pellet product which were then collected by lorries driving beneath them.

Due to the large height of the building, several galvanised steel cat ladders were designed to allow maintenance and access to the 46m high silos at high level.

The building was constructed totally in steel frame construction with pre-cast concrete first flooring units and cast in-situ concrete ground floors.

The elevations and roof were clad in colour coated insulated profile steel sheeting. The external windows were double glazed set in powder coated aluminium frames.  

Due to the building being within a power station site, all the office windows had to be specially designed to meet ‘’blast proof’’ criteria.

The project took one year to be completed, with a cost exceeding £10million.