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In only 9% of cases where something has been stolen is property returned.

Marked property can deter burglars because it’s harder for a thief to sell and can help the police to return it if found.

Mark items with an indelible identification, showing your postcode and the number of your house or flat or the first two letters of its name using a permanent etching tool or an ultra violet marker pen. Only use UV marking when other methods would reduce the value of the object, because the mark can fade.

Take pictures of all valuable items like jewellery and silverware and write down the serial numbers of your TV, DVD, Hi-fi, computers etc to help police identify them should they be recovered. If you have many valuable items, fit a safe.
Ask your local police station for ‘postcode property’ stickers to display in the front and back of your house. 


Are you fully insured?
Insurance will relieve you of the financial worry of replacing stolen goods and many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for people with good home security. Ask the firm if it minds which system you buy. 



With all security, consideration must be given to the risk of fire and means of escape. Fit a smoke detector, a minimum of one per floor installed to the manufacturer’s instructions to BS5446 Part 1. 


If you see anyone acting suspiciously in your neighborhood, call the police.
Join a Neighborhood Watch Scheme, there are now over 130,000 in this country. Anyone can start up a Watch, call the police for details. 


A secure home will reduce the chance of you getting burgled. But, if you get home and notice signs of a break-in;

·         Don’t go in or call out, the intruder could still be inside.
·         Go to a neighbours to call the police.

All police forces have officers trained in crime prevention, contact your local station for advice.
Some forces can arrange surveys of your home or business premises and recommend security improvements.
This is a popular service, if there’s a waiting list you may be sent an information pack so you can do your own survey.